Room Acoustics Software

Sarooma Room Acoustics Software

for Windows Version 7 and higher

This Windows software is the further development of the Room Acoustics Calculator and the Room Acoustics App. It offers enhanced functionality for professional planners for designs according to the new DIN 18041 (März 2016) and the ÖNORM B 8115-3 (November 2005).

Rooms can be organized in projects and stored to a file. Initially some physical data and the desired usage of the room have to be entered. The application calculates the frequency-dependent reverberation time, noise reduction and average absorption coefficient and presents those values in charts. In addition, tolerance ranges for these target figures are shown.

Then absorbers, which are to be used in the room, can be chosen from a database of over 1000 products from many leading manufacturers. Of course, own product data can be added as well. The software supports you in selecting the right products and the required amount by indicating whether the requirements have been met by the standard.

Finally the project can be exported into a Word document for further processing.

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