Room Acoustics Calculator

The Room Acoustics Calculator enables you to design the acoustics of a room according to DIN 18041 and ÖNORM B 8115-3. After the usage and the appropriate standard have been selected the calculator derives the relevant design quantities, tolerance ranges or limits, and the corresponding state of the room (furnished, unfurnished, occupied or unoccupied).

Where a room is required to provide good audibility over greater distances, such as, for example, in a lecture hall, both standards require compliance with a reverberation time T within a given tolerance range.

For rooms where the main issue is noise reduction, and good audibility is only desired over shorter distances as, for example, in open plan offices, different design quantities are defined in the two standards.

DIN 18041 uses the noise reduction ΔL and an average absorption coefficient αof the room’s surface area. The latter quantity is calculated by projecting the total equivalent sound absorption area within the room, including furniture and people, onto the room’s boundary surface area.

ÖNORM B 8115-3, on the other hand, uses the average absorption coefficient αm,B of the room’s boundary surfaces and the average absorption coefficient αm of the room’s boundary surfaces taking account of furnishings.

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